Peaches and Cream – One Shot

Requested by Afroza

Title: Peaches and Cream
Genre: Drama
Series: Peach Girl
Pairing: Momo/Kairi
Rating: K+
Line: “So, lubricated tonight?”
Disclaimer: I do not own Peach Girl.

“Momo! My sweet!” Kairi called out happily to her as soon as she walked out of class.

She gave him a faint smile, but tried to get out fast before he could catch her. Of course that never worked. He was always faster than her. Or maybe she really didn’t mind being in his company.

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Cherries – One Shot

Title: Cherries
Series: Durarara
Pairing: Very slight hints between the trio and of Masaomi/Izaya
Rating: K+
Author: Ongaku
Summary: The trio eat lunch on the rooftop like always only this time Masaomi is eating a special treat.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Durarara.

“What the heck are you doing?”

Masaomi Kida sat on a bench on top of the school rooftop, casually plucking cherries off their stems.

“I’m eating cherries.”

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