I Hate Men – Chapter Four

[Male: I would die for you…
Female: Prove it]

nuriakaTitle: I Hate Men
Author: Ongaku
Rating: T
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Series: Fushigi Yuugi
Pairing: Nuriko/Miaka
Summary: Miaka wants nothing to do with men so when her friend tries to hook her up she proclaims she would rather kiss a girl than be with a man.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fushigi Yuugi.

When Miaka got up the next morning she got a good scolding from her mother.

“Where were you yesterday?”

Miaka gulped when she saw her mother standing in the hallway as soon as she crawled out of bed. She really wasn’t ready to be fighting so early in the morning.

“I was helping a friend move their stuff into a new home.”

Her mother glared at her, as if trying to figure out if she was telling the truth or not. Little did she know that Miaka was only telling a half truth.

“Did you forget about your session on purpose or accident?”

Miaka didn’t answer her mother. She was always a terrible liar so she knew she wouldn’t be able to say she had forgotten.

“Miaka, I don’t pay for you to go to this thing for fun. You know how much I struggle with money, the least you could do is attend.”

Miaka was starting to get annoyed now. She never asked to go to a psychiatrist in the first place. It was all her mother’s idea. She hated the psychiatrist. If it was a nice woman she might have been more incline to go but it was like God was punishing her over and over with giving her some big burly man. She would never open up to him or get comfortable.

“Fine! Then cancel my appointments forever! I never wanted to go in the first place.”

Miaka’s mother’s face got red instantly with anger.

“Don’t be ungrateful! This is for your own good.”

At this, Miaka lost it completely. “How do you know it is for my own good? You are just throwing my problems into a corner and hoping it will get solved on its own. You know nothing about me or my life since all you do is work and sit on the couch and drink!”

Miaka would have kept on going but her mother had slapped her across the face. Tears began to fall from her eyes freely now.

Miaka’s mother looked at her hand and then back at her face, shocked at what she had just done. “Uh… Oh Miaka, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me!” She tried to reach out for her to see if she was okay but Miaka slapped her hand away and glared through her tears.

“Don’t touch me you drunkard.” Then she stomped away from her mother to get ready for school. She was not in the mood for it but she would have rather been in a prison cell then have to spend another minute of her time with her mother.

“Oh my God! What happened to your face, Miaka?”

Yui was sitting at one of the lunch tables with her boyfriend – Suboshi – as usual. She had immediately gotten up from her seat when she saw Miaka with a swollen lip and cheek.

Miaka wanted to smile at her friend but she knew it would probably hurt too much. She knew that her mother had hit her pretty hard but she never realized just how strong she could be. It made her even angrier when she realized she didn’t seem to have even tried to hold back.

“I got into a fight with my mother, apparently she didn’t approve of me talking back this time.” She took a peak over at Suboshi and saw him flinch.

“Damn, your mother is strong.” Yui commented.

“Tell me about it. I hope most of the swelling goes down before school is over.”

Yui gave her a puzzled look at first until she realized why. “Oh- because you are meeting Kourin again?”

Miaka just nodded her head. She missed the strange look in Yui’s eyes when she said that.

“Well, the fight sure does explain why you are here early for a change!” Suboshi said with a laughing tone.

Normally him saying something like that would have pissed her off even more but she got the feeling he was just trying to lighten the mood this time. “Yeah, maybe I should get in a fight with her every day. Lord knows my attendance could use the help.”

They all started to laugh and Miaka was glad they never asked her what the fight was about. None of her friends knew she was seeing a psychiatrist.

She wasn’t ashamed of it but she just didn’t want them to ask her why she was seeing one. She wasn’t sure she was ready to share such information with them. It was information that had torn her family apart and made things awkward and bad. She wanted to keep some form of normalcy alive in her school life.

The bells rang around the school not to shortly after Miaka had gotten there, signaling for all the kids to get to class. Miaka waved bye to her friend and told them they would meet up at lunch for some fast food. Yui smiled brightly when she said that and waved back in return.

Kourin, or rather, Nuriko stared at the last of his boxes and sighed. He didn’t have any morning classes today so he figured he would finish up his more personal things. The things that Tatsuki almost pulled out in front of Miaka would have had her asking many questions.

They were boy’s clothes and accessories. He could have told a lie and said they belonged to an ex-boyfriend but that would have been a little weird since he took it with him in the move. He didn’t want to have to pretend he had a boyfriend either because he really did like someone.

The thing was, most of the time he always dressed in women’s clothes but from time to time he had to dress in boy’s clothes. It usually came to his family or more professional matters. He hated it too. After wearing dresses for so long, wearing mans clothes just wasn’t comfortable for him anymore.

While he was putting up some of his boxers he saw a small box inside and halted. He stared down at the words on top of it which read, Kourin’s stuff. It was so quiet that Nuriko could hear his own heart beat.

He couldn’t believe – after all these years – he was still so deeply affected by that box. Tatsuki had always told him he was a little strange for telling people that his name was Kourin but he never said much else than that.

He knew better, it was such a sensitive subject after all.

He grabbed the box and buried it underneath all his sock and boxers. He didn’t feel like opening it today. He wanted to stay in a good mood.

He had finally made a new friend, and it was a girl. He never had many friends. He really liked Tatsuki but Tatsuki wasn’t really someone you could talk heart to heart with, ever. He had always needed someone like Miaka.

He would probably never forget how they met but that memory was already starting to seem more and more funny and less, traumatizing. He wondered if it was because he was actually a guy and could get over something like that so easily or if he was just weird in general. It was hard to say until he found out more about Miaka. He had never asked her if she had kissed people before or not.

She left a strange impression on him, but it intrigued him. She seemed so sweet and warm but there was something more, something dark and broken. He really wanted to know what it was for some reason.

Perhaps he felt he had found a kindred soul in her because of his dark past as well.

Maybe she could be the one he could talk to about it, and hopefully be the one she will talk to her about her troubles.

He smiled to himself. Yeah, he had been living as a girl for a long time now. His mind was starting to act completely like one.

Well, first things first, he was going to have to think of something fun to do and talk with her for dinner. He didn’t want them to end up awkward.

At least she had no idea he was actually a male.

“Class, we have a new student today.” The teacher said as she walked in.

Right away everyone started to whisper wondering who could be transferring in at such a time. The guys were hoping for a beauty while the girls were wanted a hunk. Miaka was one of the few who just didn’t care.

However, to everyone’s surprise the new person was neither a beauty nor a hunk. He was actually an adorable young boy. He walked in, being only as tall as the podium the teacher was standing behind and looking nervous from head to toe.

Miaka looked on with interest now. The boy didn’t look much older than 11 or 12 and yet here he was in her junior class.

The whispering got even louder and Miaka turned to see how rude everyone was being. She wanted to yell at them to shut up, knowing the young boy was nervous, but knew that she would never have the balls to actually do it.

“Alright class, please be quiet. This is Doukon Ou-san and he is a bit of a prodigy. He is only 11 years old but he is well beyond his years in intelligence. They decided to let him skip a few grades, obviously. Please be kind to him and show him a warm welcome.”

The teacher turned to the young boy, “Would you like to say anything more?”

The boy cleared his throat and nodded his head yes. “My name is Doukon Ou-san but please call me Chiriko. I hope to get along well with everyone.”

Miaka wondered why he would want to be called something so different from his original name but figured he had a good reason. She was strangely interested in him and didn’t know why.

“Alright Chiriko, please take your seat next to Yuki-san.” She pointed in Miaka direction, “Yuki-san, can you please raise your hand.”

Miaka lifted her hand in the air and smiled at him.

Chiriko smiled back at her and made his way through the room to take his place. As soon as he sat down Miaka turned to him to introduce herself. “Hello, my name is Yuki, Miaka. If you ever have any questions or need any help just ask me though when it comes to anything with class work I might not be any help.”

She laughed but felt a little stupid admitting that to him.

“Thank you very much Yuuki-san.”

Miaka waved her hand back and forth. “Please, call me Miaka.”

He nodded his head and then the rest of the day was spent learning their lessons.

As soon as the bell rang, indicating lunch, his desk was swarming with many people, wanting to ask him all sorts of questions.

Miaka was a bit disappointed but she figured they would get tired of it soon and then she could get to know him better to become friends. She wanted to keep an eye out for him to keep him from getting used or bullied in the school. She could only guess just how scary it would be to attend a class with kids that were so much older than her.

Plus the fact that he had to be really smart which would make the really dumb kids feel inferior.

If there was one thing Miaka was good at handling was bullies. She had gotten into plenty of fights protecting her friend – Yui – in the past.

She grabbed her things and made her way outside, to meet with said friend. Her face swelling had gown down a lot because the teacher had sent her to get an ice pack at the nurses’ station but she still had a visible bruise.

It was better than nothing though. At least she didn’t feel anymore pain.

The rest of the school day had gone by without much to it. In fact it was a very basic day except for her morning with her mom and the new student. She groaned at the thought of all the homework she had to do for her math class and wished it has never been invented.

She was in high spirits though because she would be meeting Kourin now and she couldn’t wait to get to gossip with her about her day. She made her way to the trains to get to Kourin’s house. Kourin had told her to just meet her there and from there they would figure out where to go.

Miaka was actually kind of surprised by how comfortable she was already starting to feel around Kourin. She was usually always an upbeat person and friendly to anyone, except recently, but she still would take some time to get completely use to someone. She wanted this friendship to work out though, she still felt terrible for how they first met and would do all that she could to make up for it.

The train ride wasn’t very long because Kourin lived close to a college campus that most of her classmates attended after High School. It was a good school but Miaka’s mother had wanted her to attend a college that was even harder to get into. She hated that but figured she would at least try since she disappointed her with her grades to get into a more prestigious high school.

Of course she had a really good reason for not making it to Jonan.

Once the train made a complete stop Miaka skipped off it with a smile on her face. The people around her stared at her in annoyance but Miaka really didn’t care. She was going to try and stay in a good mood for as long as she could.

When she turned the corner of the station she wished she had been paying more attention because she bumped into another person. She went falling back, landing on her butt and wincing in pain. She looked up to start to apologize but stopped when she saw who she had run into.

The man was very tall and very buff. He looked like a foreigner with his long blonde hair and blue eyes. He stared down at her with cold eyes and Miaka froze in terror.

“What a stupid child. You should really watch where you are going.”

At the sound of the voice Miaka finally noticed the other person there. Hanging on to his arm was a big busted woman dressed in clothes that Miaka thought was very daring. The two of them seemed to suit each other though.

She stood back up, dusting off her bottom and checking to see if the had any injuries on her legs. When she saw there was none she bowed her head and apologized, even though she was anything but sorry. She was the only one who got hurt anyway.

Then she took off in a sprint, wanting to get to Kourin’s house as quickly as possible now.

When she got there she took a few deep breaths, trying to regain her composure. She didn’t want Kourin to wonder about her anymore than she probably already did.

She rang the doorbell and waited.

Right away Kourin was at the door and letting her in. She offered Miaka a drink but Miaka refused because she knew she would be drinking a lot wherever they went to eat.

“So, have you thought about what you want to eat?” Kourin asked her as she grabbed her purse and finished getting ready.

“Any fast food place is good for me. I will leave it up to you.”

Kourin seemed to be thinking this over for a bit before she said- “Okay, let’s go to the new burger joint that opened up.”

Miaka nodded her head in agreement, she was curious about that place, “Sounds good to me.”

“Then shall we head on out? I’m pretty hungry.”

“Yes, lets!”

After they ordered their food and took their seat at a table they began to make more small talk. On the way there Miaka listened to Kourin tell her about her day without interrupting, but it seemed that Kourin was now ready to listen to Miaka.

“So, what is with the bruise?”

Miaka was afraid he would notice. It wasn’t a super big thing but it was there and in certain lighting it looked worse than it was.

“I’m really clumsy. I made a fool of myself today at school.”

Kourin looked at her as if she didn’t believe that but didn’t ask any more. Miaka liked her for that. It wasn’t often when people would let something like that drop. She wouldn’t have minded telling her but they barely new each other, she didn’t want to dump any of her troubles on her so soon.

“Oh, we got a new student today.” Miaka said with a smile. She remembered the boy and got excited about it again.

“Oh? I take it the new student is good news for you?”

Miaka nodded her head. “Yeah, mostly because it was interesting this time – I like when something new happens, it keeps me from being so bored.”

Kourin took a sip of her soda before speaking again. “I can understand that. It is never any good if your days always turn out so monotonous.”

“Exactly!” Miaka said happily. “Anyway, the new student is actually only 11 years old. He seems to be a genius.”

“Oh wow, that is pretty interesting. It’s not every day you get to know someone like that.”

Right when Miaka was going to say more their number was called and Kourin went to go get it.

Miaka was having so much fun and they weren’t even doing all that much. She was starting to feel like her old self a bit, chatting like she hadn’t a care in the world.

When Kourin brought back the food Miaka could feel her stomach growling. She had eaten lunch not to long ago but she never ate enough for lunch that her stomach would have liked. It was something her friend – Yui – would always tease her about- her endless black hole of a stomach.

She grabbed for her food and began to take big bites, getting a wide eyed expression on Kourin’s face.

She swallowed and rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment. “Sorry about that, I have a bit of an appetite.”

Instead of getting a brush off for her apology Kourin just started to laugh.

Miaka was a little confused.

“I’m sorry, I was just surprised. It’s good to see a young girl have such a good appetite. I would have never guessed such a thing with how small you are.” She then began to eat her own food with a smirk.

Miaka began to eat again as well. They talked a bit longer in between bites about random and mundane things and once they were done they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways, but before they did they exchanged cell phone numbers.

It wouldn’t be the last time they would hang out.

To be continued.


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