Desolation – Chapter Two

izaomiTitle: Desolation
Series: Durarara
Masaomi moves to another country for his job thinking he is going to get away from his life in Ikebukuro. Unfortunately there is one man he can’t ever seem to escape from no matter where he goes.
I do not own Durarara, nuff said.
Warnings: Boy on Boy action

Masaomi walked down the streets of Dallas in a hurry. After he had told his boss that he knew Izaya he had to do a lot of explaining. It wasn’t a pretty thing. He had so much anger and frustration towards the man that it was hard for him to not lash out at his boss.

His boss was startled by it at first but got over it rather quickly. He even seemed happy about the fact that Masaomi knew him because it meant his plan would work even better.

Masaomi thought back to their discussion, wanting to get home as soon as possible and try to pretend it didn’t happen.

“What do you mean, you know him?”

Kida glared up at his boss but answered him anyway. “I have known him ever since I was fifteen. He was my reason for taking this job, just to get away from him.”

“I see. Well if you don’t want to do this I won’t make you, but I can’t guarantee you will keep having a job here.”

Masaomi’s stare didn’t let up. His boss – Mike – could be such a prick sometimes. It wasn’t really a surprise to him when he said this.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it.” His voice was cold and flat. “I’m just letting you know how I know him.”

“That’s good because you knowing him will actually make this plan a little easier.”

Masaomi was now curious as to what the boss was going to want him to do. Usually he would just go scare the hell out of the person or find something dirty on them to use as blackmail. Then again, it was Izaya this time so it would only make sense that the plan had to be completely different. If Izaya was the same as always he probably already had blackmail on his boss and from the reaction his boss had it was obvious the scare tactic wouldn’t work since Izaya beat them to it.


Masaomi dropped his train of thought when he heard his boss call his name. It was funny actually, everyone in the states called him by his last name because it was easier to say. He was always told he could just use a fake name but he thought that would be too much work and to hard to get used to. Letting people call him by his last name was nice in its way because, to him, it was very impersonal. He didn’t think he could get use to the American way of calling people by their first name.

Even though he had to, it was nice that everyone else just figured they already were calling him by his first name, when it was actually his last name.

“Are you homophobic?”

If Masaomi had been drinking something at that time the drink would have come spraying out of his nose. That was not even close to what he was expecting his boss to say to him next. It really didn’t make any sense.

“Uh- not sure why that matters – but no, not really.”

Mike walked back to his desk and sat down. It was almost like he was trying to back away before setting off the bomb. Masaomi’s guts were starting to turn- he knew this couldn’t be good.

“Well you see, Kida- we want you to befriend Izaya.”

Masaomi was not slow- he knew exactly what his boss was asking of him. He wanted him to seduce Izaya. Masaomi felt the color from his face start to drain.


He wanted to ignore his boss, go into his own world and just pretend he was living in some peaceful and happy place but he knew it was not going to be possible.

“This is stupid. Why would he fall for that? Is he even gay?” Masaomi pondered his own questions. He wouldn’t really be surprised if Izaya liked men or better yet, he was most likely bi since he always claimed to love everyone. He never thought about it in that way before but at the moment his mind was starting to freak out so it was leading him down dark and perverted thoughts.

“Information is that he is very ‘open minded’. Besides, sending in a woman would not be a good idea by his track record.”

Masaomi was about ready to just punch his boss in the face and be done with it. Did his boss really even understand the man at all? Masaomi didn’t really think it was possible, especially since he was not into men. Then his mind thought back to Saki at the mention of Izaya’s past experiences with women. It sent a horrible shudder down his spine. He was right – it would not be good to put another woman through that kind of seduction.

“Of course, I don’t plan on having you do this job just for your measly pay. We were thinking about making you in charge of a section of this company if you can pull this off.”

Masaomi looked back at his boss to see if he was being serious. There were no deception in his eyes. He really wanted Masaomi to play a fruit just so he could become higher up on the food chain. It was stupid really, he was never someone to want a lot of power but yet he always ended up that way, even when he was just a stupid little kid playing gang leader.

“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m fucking going to say yes.”

His boss finally got back up from his desk, thinking it was safe now. “Good. I’m glad to hear that is your answer.” He got close to Masaomi and was about to place his hand on his shoulder when Masaomi grabbed the man by the throat.

He made a short gasping sound, being completely caught off guard for it.

“Just to let you know, I don’t find this amusing at all. Any mention of this after the job is done and I will not be your ally anymore.” He let go of his boss and then headed for the door. It was probably really stupid to threaten the guy who was paying him but he had some pride. He didn’t want to just accept the job and make him think that he was okay with it.

His boss needed to know just how big of a job this was going to be for him even if it came up and bit him in his ass later. After all, he just threatened a piece of the company that was probably on par with how evil Izaya could be at times.

Perhaps he was always destined to be a lackey of such people.

Masaomi walked into his home and flicked on the lights. It was so quiet and still, just the way he liked it. He kicked off his shoes when he walked in the door even though there was really no need. It was a habit he had a hard time trying to get rid of. Then he sauntered his way to his bedroom, in need of a long and hard sleep. It had been a strange night, starting with a one night stand with a woman who had foot-in-mouth syndrome and then the news of the worst job he could ever get.

He was tired, so tired that even though his mind was going a million miles a minute it really didn’t take him that long to fall asleep. However, his dreams were anything but sweet.

Masaomi woke up to the feeling of the setting sun in his window. His face was wet from sweat and tears. He knew he must have had bad dreams but he was sort of thankful that he couldn’t remember them at all. He looked at the clock and saw that it was five p.m. Feeling gross, he walked toward his bathroom and turned on the shower. He yawned as he waited for the water to get warm and took a look of himself in the mirror.

He looked like hell- it was going to take a lot of work to make himself look desirable. The thought of it all made him shudder with goose bumps. He then noticed a few hickeys he had from that one night stand. Not only did he look like crap but now he was starting to feel a little trashy. He was just glad she didn’t place them in noticeable spots.

Seeing the steam come the shower he knew the water was definitely hot enough, probably more than enough. He placed his hand under the water and winced at the searing heat. He always seemed to do that, always waited a little too long. He turned on the cold water and waited a few seconds before testing the water again. This time it was perfect, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and slowly walked into it.

The warmth of the water instantly loosened up a lot of his tense muscles; it was also starting to wake him up a bit. He closed his eyes and placed his face under the running water enjoying the feel of the droplets hitting his face and rushing down. The grime of the night was finally starting to wash away, making him feel much better.

Sometimes he wondered if it was girly of him to take such a long shower after he woke up but it was one of the only ways he was able to get a day started. It was strange because he never did that until Saki left. It was almost like he became a little OCD wanting to wash away something that never truly went away, whether it be pain or something more.

Starting to feel a little pruney he quickly soaped up his hair and body and rinsed off, grabbing a towel from just outside the shower and putting it on as he stepped out.

His stomached growled in anger while he was brushing his teeth. It had been awhile since he had eaten anything so he figured the first place he would go would be the diner he always visited that was just down his street.

Walking back to his bedroom Masaomi thought about what he would wear. He didn’t want to wear something flashy and stupid so he figured just being casual would be the best. He grabbed a pair of dark jeans and a t-shirt with some pattern on it that he couldn’t have really cared much about. Then he grabbed his brown boots, the shoes he tended to wear the most.

After putting on all his clothes he walked over to his desk with is computer and turned it on. He knew his boss would be sending him an email on the details on where to find Izaya. For some strange reason, the thought of seeing the man again was not making him as nervous as he thought he would be. Then again, it might just be the fact that the information hadn’t really sunk in just yet.

Still, the first time he saw him he just needed to be himself around Izaya. The seduction would have to wait because it was going to be a slow process. If he tried to rush it, Izaya would just turn the situation around on him, he was sure of it.

Sure enough there was as email waiting for him. He opened it and skimmed the text quickly, looking for the address or whatever it was he needed to know. He didn’t care to read more of Mike’s instructions because Mike didn’t know a damn thing about Izaya, not like he did.

Finally, at the bottom of the email, there was the address, or more likely, the place. Masaomi’s eyebrow rose at the title, Red Eye. He had heard of the place before but had never been to it, but the job was starting to make more sense. The bar he was to find Izaya in was a famous Gay and Lesbian bar.

This was going to make the job a little more uncomfortable. While he was not homophobic, walking into a place like that alone was probably going to earn him all sorts of problems. His boss was really going to owe him for this.

Grabbing his house keys, he closed his laptop and headed out the door. First he needed some food, and then he would muster up the courage to enter the bar.

The weather was still really warm since it was barely September. It was strange, he was used to it getting really cold by this time where he used to live. In fact he used to always wear a sweater but right now it felt like summer. The sun was already starting to show signs of setting. Working nights meant he hardly ever got to see the sun. At first it was a shock to the system but then he found out he seemed to function better at night.

Most people ignored his presence at night as well, which was a plus.

It wasn’t long before he saw the usual diner he would visit. The place was quaint but it fit his needs perfectly. They opened up later in the day because it was also a bar but since it was small and meant mostly for the neighborhood there wasn’t a lot of people that gathered there, just the usual customers.

“Good evening Kida. Having the usual today?”

Masaomi walked over to his favorite chair and took a seat. “Yeah, thanks Dave.”

“Got any plans for tonight?”

Masaomi was used to this, the guy wasn’t really trying to be nosey it was just his way of being hospitable, which meant he could answer it anyway he wanted and the guy wouldn’t care.

“Not a whole lot, I actually have work tonight.”

Dave took out his wash clothed and began to wipe down the bar tables. “Oh, well that’s a shame then but I guess we all have to make our money if we want to eat.”

Masaomi smirked to himself. He probably had no idea just how much money Masaomi had now- he just never liked to flaunt it.

“Yeah, this job’s going to probably take me a long time so I will make plenty of money from it- lots of overtime if you get what I mean.”

Masaomi could never really tell them what he did for a living but he had a false truth to spread. It kept them from asking too much about it because it was boring. He told them he works as a system analysis and designer. The words alone made their eyes role into the back of their heads so they never tried to pry into more of what it was about. It was a good thing- he knew some things about it but not enough to really play it off well.

“Well, just don’t work too hard and forget to stop by. You need some good food.”

The old man was a nice guy, which was another reason he could keep coming back here. He didn’t pry but he didn’t just ignore either. He had a very mature air about him.

“Don’t worry, this is my favorite food. There is no way I won’t be stopping by.”

It was sort of the truth. At first he had to get used to the food but it was some of the best he could eat that would come out so fast. He didn’t like waiting in one place for too long and eating fast food all the time wasn’t appealing. He would very rarely cook himself some Japanese food from time to time though.

As his food came out, Masaomi felt his pants vibrate. Wondering who is could be he pulled out his cell phone and his eyes got wide. It was a text from Mikado. It wasn’t very often he would get a message from his once dear friend. He was still playing leader of the Dollars gang. They had a lot of mishaps in the past but now it was more like a club than a gang.

Masaomi went ahead and joined it on his friends request but he never visited the site. He wouldn’t have joined at all except that Mikado would have had the saddest of faces if he ignored it.

He opened his phone to read the message and felt empty inside as he stared at his first language. Living in America almost made him forget all about Japanese. The longer he looked at the message the less it started to look like words and the more it felt like looking at pictures, but perhaps that was because the words themselves were pretty empty.

All it said was- how have you been lately? We have missed you down here.

It was a typical message. He would get this from him from time to time and for some reason it was like he was always expecting something more, something more exciting. He closed his phone and decided he would reply back to him much later. Right now he didn’t think it was a good time to lie since he was about to be less than okay.

The smell of the hamburger brought him back to his senses as his stomach growled loudly enough to get a few other peoples attention. They didn’t say anything though, which he was glad for.

“Why hello there Kida!”

A familiar female voice got his attention so he turned around and sure enough it was Beth, one of the other regulars. She took a seat next to him without asking and smiled at him.

“Did you have fun last night?”

Masaomi flinched. He had forgotten that she knew about his plans last night. It was mostly her suggestion. In the past he always wondered about the girl, she was very pushy and flirty. He wasn’t sure if she was just a super friendly person or if she was interested in him. It wasn’t until he heard her talking about her girlfriend did he find out she was actually a lesbian. Strangely enough, he never saw that girlfriend though and wondered why. He never asked because he had plenty of his own secrets.

“It was-” he paused a bit trying to figure out the best way to phrase it, “interesting, to say the least.”

“Oh?” she moved in a little closer. “Do tell.”

Masaomi figured he should indulge her. She was harmless and it really didn’t matter if she knew anyway. Besides he wanted to ask her some questions himself that she might not want to answer. Better to get on her good side right now.

“The woman was different from what I’m used to. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was the one picked up and used, not the other way around.”

Beth burst out into laughter. “That’s not surprising, we woman can be quit demanding when we want to be.”

“Yeah no kidding.” He thought back to all the strange things that woman had said to him and sighed.

“I take it you didn’t have a good time then?”

Masaomi thought about it. While it wasn’t the best thing in the world he couldn’t say it was a horrible time, besides that would just be rude to her. The sex was good for such meaningless and empty sex.

“Well, it wasn’t a bad time. I guess it was good for a meaningless one night stand.”

Beth patted his pack and nodded her head. “That is very true. At least you didn’t go home all alone feeling like a loser.”

He smiled at Beth when he remembered his first try to pick someone up. “You got that right. At first I thought it was going to be hopeless.”

“Aw, really? That is surprising. If I didn’t love women I would totally go for you.”

He laughed. “That’s only because you don’t know me.”

She seemed to ponder this a bit before slapping him hard on the back. “That’s true you secretive little bastard!”

It was all in silliness but sometimes he wished she would learn to have some tact. Now he was sure to have a nice little handprint on his back.

“I’ve got a question for you.”

She sat back in her chair and relaxed. “Go for it.”

“Ever been to the place, Red Eye?”

He watched her face carefully as it went from relaxed to smiley.

“Why, are you trying to tell me that you are starting to be interesting in the same sex?”

“Hardly. If you hate men so much what makes you think I like them just because I am one?”

She laughed. “You got a point there. You poor man, it must suck to be one.”

Masaomi rolled his eyes. This girl was hardly ever serious.

“You never answered my question though.”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I have been to it a few times. It is a nice place, lots of good music and the drinks are made well. Actually, it’s the place where I met my girlfriend.” Beth turned away from Masaomi and yelled her order at Dave. He mumbled something about noisy pains but placed the order anyway.

They were always like that. Dave and Beth loved to get on each other’s nerves. It was amusing but Masaomi could tell that they actually really liked each other, as friends of course.

“Have you- well this is going to sound strange but have you ever noticed an Asian man there?” Masaomi took a bite of his hamburger and chewed it slowly waiting for her answer.

“I’m not completely sure, since I don’t pay attention to men.”

Masaomi wanted to roll his eyes, he should have known.

“But- there was a man that walked around from time to time, talking to the customers. He had a thick accent so I think he might have been Asian. I’m not all that observant though so he could be some other race and I’m just making him Asian in my head because you asked.”

Masaomi swallowed his food and felt his stomach lurch. That was probably him, he would be the type to go around to get lots of information.

“What is this all about anyway?”

Masaomi pushed his plate away deciding it might not be a good idea to eat anymore. “I have just been looking for a man that is supposed to be living in this town now. I heard that he is at that bar a lot.”

“Oh. Well, good luck and I hope you find him. Are you going there tonight?”

Masaomi nodded his head.

“You better watch yourself then. You are a good looking guy, you will be sure to turn a few heads.”

“Ug, don’t curse me!” Masaomi set his head down on the table.

Dave walked up at that moment with Beth’s food. “What did you just do to Kida? Beth, how many times do I have to tell you to use tact?”

Beth just stuck her tongue out at the old man. “I didn’t say anything that wasn’t a compliment.”

Dave looked over at Masaomi and shook his head. “It doesn’t look that way to me.” Then he walked away as if he had given up on trying to get through to Beth.

Masaomi looked down at his watch and noticed it was 8:30pm. The time sure did fly, but then again he had taken a really long shower. “I should probably get going though- got a lot of stuff to do tonight for work.”

“Aw, that is too bad. I will see you around later then.”

“Yes, later. See you around, Dave.”

“Have a good night.”

Masaomi nodded and walked out the door with a clang of the bell. It was now dark enough to have the street lights on. Masaomi watched as many cars flew by in a hurry to get home or go out to party. He wished he could just go home right now. The closer he was to that bar the more he started to lose his nerve.

He made his way to a bus stop and took a seat to wait patiently. It would be another 30 minutes before the bus came because he had just missed the 8:30 one. It didn’t matter to him though, that would just mean it would be closer to drinking hours and he wouldn’t have to feel so weird going to a bar so early.

The bus had dropped him off a block away from the bar. Masaomi took a deep breath and walked to his destination. This side of town was not one he was used to being in. He was already starting to get the attention of many people.

When he got to the bar he noticed a short line, people getting their IDs checked. He went ahead and pulled out his before getting in line.

“Hey there, I haven’t seen you here before.”

Masaomi clinched his teeth, he wasn’t even inside yet and it looked like he was already being hit on.

“Yeah, I’m here to find a friend.”

He hoped the man got the idea and left him alone but his luck seemed to be down at the moment.

“Oh? Who is this friend of yours? Perhaps I can help you find him. I’m a regular so I know a lot of the people that come.”

Just his luck- a meddlesome person. “No it’s okay I’m sure I can find him. He kind of stands out.”

Just when the other guy was about to talk again the door man at the front took his ID and nodded for him to go in. Masaomi nodded his head back in thanks and walked in, with the strange guy following. Deciding it was probably best to give up he decided to just ignore his presence. At least this way it kept anyone else from trying to hit on him.

Once they were inside Masaomi just stood on the outskirts of the place and took it all in. It was a typical bar, some loud music, but no smoke smell. He noticed the banned smoke sign and was actually kind of glad for it. There were already a number of happy people in the place, some of them on the dance floor and others just sitting at the bar and having a few laughs.

He wouldn’t have even known it was a gay bar if it wasn’t for all the same sex couples. For some reason he thought they would be a little more – crazy – but then he was really good at imagining things.

“By the way, my name is Ross. What is yours?” He extended his hand and Masaomi looked down at it as if trying to decide if he really wanted to make himself acquainted with the man.

Figuring he was being rude he went ahead and grabbed his hand and shook it back. “Kida.”

“Well it is nice to meet you Kida, I hope you have a nice time here.”

Masaomi smiled at him but inside he was thinking tons of horrible things about the place. There was no way he was going to enjoy himself, especially knowing his most hated person would be here.

“Thank you.”

After that the man began to talk up a storm towards him. Telling him all about the people that came and some of their scandals, who was single and who wasn’t. To be truthful he wasn’t even paying attention to most of it. He was on full alert waiting to see him.

A few other guys had gathered around them and started to talk, trying to include him as best as they could but Masaomi wasn’t being very social.

“Have you spotted your friend yet?”

Blinking away his thoughts he focused on Ross who had just asked him that question. “No, not yet.”

The rest of them looked at each other as if they didn’t believe he was actually waiting for a friend. They probably thought he was still someone hiding in the closet, being too afraid to outright admit he was coming to the bar looking for a good time.

“My, my, my Kida, Masaomi-kun.”

Masaomi’s heart stopped. That was it- the voice that had plagued him for a good portion of his life and the man who tortured him in so many different ways just because it was interesting.

He looked at the other guys that were around him as they seemed nervous.

Masaomi didn’t want to turn around though. He wasn’t prepared.

A long and slender arm wrapped around his shoulder and pulled him back towards a tall and lanky body.

Masaomi wondered how much longer he would live with his heart frozen. He wanted to scream, run away, kick and just never come back but that wouldn’t do for his job.

He felt Izaya’s breath on his face as he got closer to him to say something into his ear. “I had no idea that you were gay, Masaomi. No wonder you and Saki didn’t work out.”

Finally snapping out of his daze he pushed Izaya off of him and turned around to glare at the man. He hadn’t changed much, same height, same lanky body, same evil smirk and same red-brown eyes that seemed to read him like an open book.

“Izaya-san.” He clinched his fists knowing he was probably making nail marks in his palms. “It’s been awhile.”

To Be Continued.


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