Pretend – Chapter Two

Title: Pretend
Series: Durarara
Masaomi loves Mikado but Mikado loves Anri. Enter in Izaya and let the role-playing game begin. Izaomi
Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara, nuff said.
Warnings: Boy on Boy action

Masaomi woke up the next morning feeling a little cold. He wondered why until he realized he was still naked and not under any covers. Then it dawned on him that the biggest reason was because the warm body next to him was no longer there.

He rose from his laying position quickly to try and scan the room for anyone there. It was empty as it always was. Izaya’s clothes were gone too so he knew he wasn’t anywhere around.

Masaomi sighed in slight relief. He wasn’t sure how he was going to face Izaya after what just happened, especially since he was afraid he might be getting some twisted kind of feelings for the bastard. He didn’t want to think about that though.

Masaomi turned over to look at his clock and saw that it read six am. He was surprised that he actually woke up so early but was glad because if he was late to school he would have to make up some lame excuse for Mikado and Anri. He didn’t want them to wonder about him especially since Mikado has been extra nice to him after turning him down.

Sadness enveloped him when he thought about it. It was clear he was still deeply in love with Mikado. In a way it was good to know that even if it was painful.

Rising from his bed Masaomi grabbed the sheet to wrap around him. It was dirty already so he was going to have to do laundry after class or sleep without bedding. He – himself – felt rather gross so the first place he was heading to was his shower.

When he entered the bathroom he noticed something seemed out of place. His shampoo and soap were in a different corner and there was an extra towel hanging over the door. It dawned on him that Izaya must have borrowed his shower before leaving. Masaomi didn’t blame him, he was probably even grosser then he was.

Masaomi blushed slightly when he thought about it. His penis twitched some when a mental image of Izaya’s face during sex flipped through his mind. He immediately disregarded it and turned on his shower to cool water. It was time to get his mind out of the gutter and try to focus on acting like his normal self so Mikado and Anri wouldn’t suspect anything weird.

Still, he couldn’t help but think strange things about Izaya being in his shower. He was really going to need to do something constructive today to keep his mind off of it.


Masaomi said in high spirits as he caught up to his friend, slapping him on the back when he came in contact.

Mikado grunted slightly but didn’t complain to him about it.

“Good Morning, Masaomi-kun.”

Masaomi wanted to play it cool but as soon as he saw Mikado he felt oddly guilty and dirty. In a way he had just violated his friend – even if it was just in his mind.

What he didn’t know was that Mikado was feeling guilty towards Masaomi as well. He knew he should tell his friend right away about how he and Anri were now a couple but he was afraid about how Masaomi would take it. Even though Masaomi told him it was okay and he was fine Mikado wasn’t completely convinced.

Mikado spotted Anri and blushed slightly.

This did not go unnoticed by Masaomi. He sighed a bit to himself when he realized that Mikado was probably struggling with what to say to him about him and Anri.

“Oh? What is that blush all about? Did you and Anri finally hook up?”

Mikado turned bright red at this and Masaomi continue to tease him.

“I knew you had it in you! So – how far have you gotten?”

Masaomi didn’t really want to know all of this but he was pretty sure that Mikado would never say anyway.

“Masaomi! Be quiet, she will hear.” Mikado was trying his best to hide his unease about the topic but Masaomi couldn’t help but find it very endearing if not a bit annoying.

“Anri!” he yelled out to get her attention.

She stopped and turned around. She put a small smile on her face when she saw the two of them and walked towards them.

“It seems I am completely out of the game now.” Masaomi said without thinking. He meant with Anri but he had forgotten that Mikado would know better.

Mikado flinched some but Masaomi didn’t notice.

“My friend here has won the beauty. I shall back out like the gentleman I am and help push this young couple forward.”

He bowed down in front of the two of them in joking manor then popped right back up with a huge grin on his face.

Anri looked flustered making her match Mikado now.

“Well, better hurry on to class now.”

Masaomi turned around and made a dart for his own classroom. It was times like these that he was grateful for not being in the same class with them.

Mikado tried to call out to him but Masaomi was always so quick and random he just couldn’t keep up.

“Is he okay?” Anri’s quiet voice startled Mikado a bit.

He wondered if she knew anything about Masaomi or if she was just asking to be polite.

“I think so.” He wanted to say ‘of course he is’ but he knew he would not be able to lie to her.

Anri didn’t say anymore noticing the discomfort Mikado was in about it. She was surprised though. She knew things between him and Masaomi were a little different from when she first got to know them but now she really wanted to know why.

However she wasn’t going to pry. She would wait for him to be comfortable enough to tell her.

They both began walking again but she blushed slightly when she felt Mikado grab her hand. A few of the people around them made cooing noises at them but they didn’t let go.

Since it was just a half day the three friends decided they would hang out together for a while. They went to an arcade and played a few games, Masaomi getting his ass handed to him by Mikado. He was actually surprised at how good of a player Mikado was.

Anri watched in amusement at their antics.

Then they went to Russian Sushi to get some food. Simon was just as eccentric as ever but the food was really good and the atmosphere was nice.

They talked about a bunch of mundane things, class work, and their duties as class rep and hall monitor. It seemed just like the old days before Masaomi confessed to Mikado.

Masaomi noticed how he didn’t ask Anri out for a long time after his confession. He didn’t know if it was because he was shy or just because he was trying to be kind to him.

That was one of the many reasons why he liked him though.

Now the three of them were just walking down the streets, trying to figure out what to do next. Masaomi trailed behind Anri and Mikado and noticed that the atmosphere was starting to change. He wasn’t ready to go home just yet but it was obvious that the couple in front of him was ready to be alone.

Masaomi was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice the two of them stop and turn to look at him. Mikado and Anri both looked nervous about something.

“Um, Masaomi,” Mikado said timidly.

Masaomi snapped out of his trance and was about to answer Mikado when he felt a warm breeze on his ear. He froze.

“Masaomi, you really had your guard down just now. I was able to get close enough to blow in your ear.”

“Izaya,” Masaomi said once he recovered from the shock. He felt his cock throb slightly at having Izaya’s voice so close to his ear.

“Ah! Hello Mikado and Anri.” Izaya waved to them and took a few steps away from Masaomi.

Masaomi felt some of the tension leave his body when Izaya stepped away.

“Hello Izaya-san.” Mikado said politely.

Anri said nothing. She never liked him and didn’t want to pretend she did.

Noticing Anri’s discomfort Masaomi decided it would be best to see what Izaya was up to right away.

“What do you want?”

“Who, me?” Izaya made a face that seemed like he was having a lot of fun.

“I don’t want anything. I was just out for a walk when I spotted you guys and thought I would say hi.”

Masaomi scoffed. “Please, as if this was by chance. When it comes to you nothing is by chance.”

Izaya’s smile left his face.

“You are starting to sound like Shizu-chan just now.”

Masaomi just glared back at him. “It’s hard to shake the truth.”

Izaya was now frowning.

“Aw, you are just no fun today. I don’t like it when you are too serious and mean, Masaomi.”

Izaya walked up closer to Masaomi so that he would be the only one to hear his next words.

“You really should be kinder to me. After all, you owe me. I’m still pretty sore.”

Masaomi couldn’t help but blush this time. He pushed away from the information broker and tried to keep his cool. He noticed he had to do that a lot lately.

Just when Masaomi was about to say something in return, Izaya made a quick dash to get behind him. He thought this was a bit odd until a large trash can came rushing by.


Masaomi felt like he was saved by the bell. All eyes went to where the voice boomed from and saw the famous bartender, Shizuo.

“Damn, Shizu-chan found me so quickly this time.”

Masaomi laughed a bit to himself. Usually this scene would make him nervous but for some reason it just felt like an everyday occurrence.

“Um, Masaomi – I think we should be going.”

Masaomi was about to agree when he got interrupted again.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Izaya said in a happy tone.

Masaomi expected him to start running off but instead he felt a grip on his arm and was being pulled away from the scene and his friends.

Izaya decided to drag Masaomi along with his great escape this time. It was a risk considering he wouldn’t be able to use parkour to get away from Shizuo this way but he hoped Shizuo would back off more if there was another person with him.

Masaomi was astounded that he was getting dragged along like some girl. He didn’t know what to do though. Izaya’s grip was surprisingly strong. They ran fast – really fast. They had to or Shizou would have caught up to them.

It gave Masaomi a new kind of rush. Fear and excitement ran through his body as they continued to run. He knew it was stupid. He should have tried hard to get away from Izaya. After all – Shizou was not someone to hold back, even with a hostage.

He heard both Mikado and Anri yell after him but there was no way they would be able to keep up. Mikado was not very athletic and Anri… well he wasn’t sure about Anri but he could only guess she couldn’t be as fast as them.

They continued to run. Masaomi looked around him but most of the stuff came as blurs, especially since the sun was going down and the lights were coming on. He wondered where Izaya was taking him but figured he would find out sooner or later.

Perhaps he should have been more worried but he just couldn’t feel that way.

At the last moment he could have sworn he saw Simon before Izaya darted in through a dark alleyway.

Simon had actually seen them and was a bit surprised at seeing the two of them running together like that. He got in between Izaya and Shizuo not for Izaya’s sake but for Masaomi’s. He worried for the boy because he knew Izaya was bad news but he had to do something about Shizou’s temper first or else he would hurt some random passerby.

Once the two runners realized they were finally free from the chase they stopped abruptly. Masaomi breathed in and out quickly, trying to catch his breath again. He was a fast runner but it had been awhile and now he was feeling just a little queasy.

Izaya seemed to be a lot more collected, which annoyed Masaomi. He couldn’t believe the guy was more in shape than him. Then again, he remembered how Izaya was always really good at dodging any of his attacks and if he could get away from Shizuo he had to be in pretty good shape.

Once he was able to breath normal again he turned his full attention on snapping at Izaya.

“What the hell? Why did you take me with you!”

Izaya didn’t flinch at his sudden outburst as if he expected it.

“I saved you.”

Masaomi stopped in his tracks. He was surprised by what Izaya just said.

“Come again?” his voice was strained. “I think you put me in danger.”

Izaya just laughed slightly.

“Your face was screaming, get me away from here!” Izaya moved in closer. Masaomi tried to back away but only ended up hitting the wall behind him.

“I was watching you for a while. It looked like you were about to burst with frustration at seeing your two friends get all lovey-dovey.”

Masaomi flinched. He had hit the nail on the head. He hated how easy Izaya could read him.

Then he realized something. He was in a dark alley – alone – with Izaya. This was not good at all. He looked around, trying to figure out how he would escape but Izaya caught on to this.

“No, you are not getting away so easily.” He reached for Masaomi’s wrist and pulled him even closer so that they were now face to face.

“What the hell do you want?” Masaomi shot glares at him. He was starting to get annoyed if not a little bit frightened. He should have known that – after their night together – Izaya would probably expect something from him in return.

“I just have some questions for you is all. You don’t have to look at me like that.” Izaya had a calm voice but his eyes shined with lots of mischief.

Masaomi made a face. He really didn’t like being this close to the man.

“If you promise not to run I will back off.”

Masaomi thought about this but eventually nodded his head in agreement. As soon as Izaya let go of him and backed off, Masaomi tried to prepare himself for the worst.

“It doesn’t seem like our little session did you much good. The look on your face seems to scream that you still want him all for yourself.”

Masaomi turned his eyes away from Izaya. He didn’t want him to see his facial expressions.

“So- how did it feel to see him again after you defiled him over and over again in your mind?”

“Fuck you.” Masaomi spat out in anger.

“I believe you have already done that.”

Masaomi wanted to kill him then and there. He really wanted to forget about their night and move on but the more he was around Izaya the less likely that was going to be possible.

In fact he was getting madder at himself because what he really wanted to do the most was fuck him again and again. He wanted to hear him moan and groan and maybe even scream out in pleasure but he would never admit that to him out loud.

The only thing he could think of was to keep playing their little game. To let Izaya think he was only doing him because he was pretending to be Mikado.

He never thought that just hearing one little noise from him during sex would make him so turned on. It was just ridiculous! At one moment he couldn’t stand being around the man but then – when he talked – it was all he could do to not jump him.

Masaomi licked his lips in anticipation when he turned his face back toward the information broker. He was about to be bold again and prayed Izaya still found him ‘interesting’.

Izaya was still just standing there with a smirk on his face but Masaomi didn’t hate it like he used to. No, in fact it was getting him heated. He wanted to rip that smirk off his face and surprise him in ways he could never imagine.


Masaomi came out of his trance when he heard Izaya say his name carefully like that.

It surprised him to see that Izaya was no longer smirking. That was when he realized his own face must have been making some scary expressions.

He stared intently at Izaya, trying not to lose the confidence. It was hard the first time to ask this but now it was even harder. He didn’t really understand why that was so. Maybe it was because he would be a lot more disappointed if he said no this time.

“Are you trying to tell me that you are okay with continuing with our role-play game?”

Masaomi prayed his face wasn’t obvious. If it was one thing he learned from being in a gang, it was keeping his face clear of obvious emotions.

Instead of laughing this time, Izaya kept a straight face. It made Masaomi feel even more uncomfortable.

“I see you are really hard up and desperate for this boy.”

Masaomi didn’t even flinch, he was ready for anything.

“You said it, not me.”

Izaya seemed to ponder this for a little bit before making up his mind. At least that was how it looked.

“Let’s say I agree to this.” He paused for a bit to read Masaomi’s expression. When he didn’t get anything interesting he continued. “What’s in it for me?”

Masaomi was caught off guard by the sudden question. He really didn’t think about that. He supposed it was only fair.

“Is there anyone you want me to pretend to be?” he thought it was a long shot but wanted to throw the idea out there anyway.

Izaya instantly brushed it off though. “No, there isn’t anyone more interesting than you right now.”

Masaomi wasn’t sure how to take that. Did that mean he liked being fucked by him or was he reading too much into it?

“How about-”

Masaomi put his attention back to the task at hand when Izaya continued to talk.

“I promise to continue pretending to be your little friend and keep quiet, but you have to let me participate a bit more from now on.”

Masaomi had no qualms with that. If he was actually wanting him to be Mikado he would disagree but he knew better.


He wasn’t sure if Izaya was just happy about his response or a little surprised. It really didn’t matter because in the next second Izaya had him up against the wall in a heated kiss.

Masaomi got into it instantly. He was actually happy with the way Izaya made the first move. It was a little hard on him the first time when he was the one who had to do all the work.

He gasped slightly when Izaya ground his hips up against his own. He was about to get really into it when the sound of a car horn woke him from his trance. He didn’t want to do this out in the open. He didn’t want anyone to come across them especially since Shizou had been chasing them only a few minutes ago.

He pushed at Izaya and turned his head away.

“Hold on. Not here.”

Izaya didn’t put up much resistance like he knew it was going to come. Instead he moved away and then motioned with his hand for him to follow.

Masaomi understood what the man wanted to do. His home was only a block away. So – letting his hormones get the best of him – he took the first step into following him, despite the fact that his brain was yelling at him about the potential danger.

Little did they know, that a worried friend had followed them all the way to their meeting place and had been watching them from the shadows, in shock at what she had just seen.

There was no awkwardness between them this time. It was just pure, raw, lust. Within seconds of entering Izaya’s home they were all over each other. They barely made it past the hallway but somehow they managed to make it over to his couch.

Masaomi wasn’t even sure how it happened, but he didn’t care.

Izaya was quiet as ever again, keeping his promise. Masaomi was not. He let out every moan and every whimper at all the touches and caresses Izaya gave him. He wondered how Izaya was able to keep such control over his own noises because there was no way he would be able to.

It was strange, he knew he couldn’t possibly love Izaya but he knew he lusted for him, probably more than he ever lusted for his first love, Mikado. The feeling was intense and it overpowered any part of his brain telling him this was a bad idea.

Masaomi was burning all over, despite the fact the air conditioner was on. He could feel the sweat already drip down his exposed back. His shirt had already been thrown off but he wasn’t really sure when or how it happened. He arched up to the feel of Izaya’s lips on his skin, the feeling was erotic and new to him since Izaya hadn’t done much the last time they were together.

He let out a little noise when Izaya bit his nipple slightly. It would have just hurt if he wasn’t so turned on already. As soon as he bit it he went right back to sucking and moving the hardened nipple with his tongue. Masaomi noticed he seemed to be an expert at it and wondered if all Izaya’s experience with sex was with women.

After a while, Masaomi got tired of having his mouth ignored. He grabbed on to Izaya’s head and forced him into a kiss. Izaya complied without much resistance but seemed to be intent on getting the upper hand this time. He grabbed on to Masaomi pants as they continued to kiss and undid them, leaving him in just his boxers. He took off his own pants as well.

Both their cocks were swollen and creating a tent in their boxers. Izaya rubbed his groin against Masaomi’s and continued to dry hump him as they kissed.

Masaomi moaned into the kiss and pushed up into each thrust. It was pure torture for him and he wanted more. Izaya seemed to sense this so he stopped and reached his hand down into Masaomi boxers.

Masaomi gasped at the feel of his cool hand on his heated member. He looked into Izaya’s face and saw that he was smiling that typical smile. He wondered if the last time they had sex if he had that smile on the whole time as well. He really couldn’t remember since all he saw was Mikado.

Izaya began to pump his penis with such slow movements that Masaomi almost couldn’t take it. He would bring up his speed for a short bit and then slow back down, making Masaomi writhe on the couch, trying to keep his cool.

“… boxers…”

Masaomi struggled to get the words out.

“Take them off before I cum in them.”

Izaya did as he was told, and took off his own as well. Masaomi lay there, wondering what Izaya was planning to do. He watched as Izaya grabbed his own cock and started to rub at it. It made Masaomi’s own cock twitch in excitement. He never thought watching Izaya masturbate would make him feel so hot.

Masaomi wasn’t able to just watch anymore. He grabbed on to Izaya and forced him down on the couch. He grabbed his own self and pressed it up against Izaya’s throbbing cock. The feeling was completely new and sent a shiver down his spine. Izaya’s grin widened as he thrust his hips up to have them rub against each other.

Masaomi started to grind against him, bringing himself to kiss Izaya again. He never thought so much rubbing would feel so good.

He was reaching his peak though and he did not want to finish off that way. So, with much regret, he pulled away from Izaya.

Izaya took this moment to flip over and put his ass in the air. He wanted to tell him to fuck him hard and good but he had to bite his lip to keep from talking. He was starting to find it harder and harder not to talk.

Masaomi looked down at Izaya’s ass and breathed in. He didn’t have his lube this time so he knew what he had to do. He licked his own fingers and coated them as thickly as possible then he placed one digit into his hole. Izaya tensed at the feeling but it didn’t hurt just yet.

Masaomi continued this procedure until he thought it was as good as it was going to get. He also couldn’t seem to wait much longer. He wanted him and he wanted him, now.

With one quick thrust, Masaomi entered Izaya. Even though it wasn’t the first time it still felt incredible. The feeling of the heat and the way his cock was trapped in those inner muscles was almost too much. The feeling was so good that he almost came then and there. He took a few breathes for himself and for Izaya to try and keep his cool. He didn’t want to seem like such an amateur even though he was.

Once he was sure he would be okay he started the motion. Izaya grabbed at the sofa cushions to keep his balance and to try and keep from crying out. It had hurt a bit more this time but he was expecting that.

Masaomi began to slow thrust into Izaya. Izaya pushed his face into the couch to keep from moaning out loud. He was determined not to slip up this time.

Masaomi was starting to feel incredibly disappointed so with a growl he stopped his thrusting to take the time to twist Izaya around.

Izaya was surprised by the sudden strength Masaomi had and by the look of determination on his face. He was so surprised that he had completely forgotten to stay quiet and ended up letting out a moan when Masaomi thrust back into him, hard.

Masaomi rejoiced at being able to get Izaya to moan.

Izaya thought he was going to be in trouble but this time Masaomi didn’t even stop. He continued to thrust into him, setting a steady rhythm. The only noises in the room were the sounds of his grunts and the slapping of their skin.

Masaomi grabbed on to Izaya’s legs and lifted him a bit to get a better angle.

If there was any discomfort before, there sure as hell wasn’t any now. Izaya let out a strangled cry when Masaomi hit his prostate. He covered his mouth and bit his lip, letting out a whimper, but when he opened his eyes he noticed Masaomi had a strange smile on his face.

He sensed something was up but he couldn’t think long because then Masaomi had his hands on his cock, rubbing at the pace he was thrusting into him. Izaya wasn’t going to last much longer. He grunted with one final push and came, spilling his seed all over his stomach.

Masaomi came right after, the feeling of his muscles tightening around his cock was just too much. Masaomi pulled out and began to get up to get cleaned off but Izaya ended up grabbing him and pulling him into a tight embrace.

Masaomi tensed. He wasn’t expecting this at all but he kind of liked it. After a few seconds he relaxed into the embrace and just let his heartbeat slow down.

The warmth of Izaya’s body and the tiredness from what they had just done started to make him drowsy. He began to close his eyes and before long he was sound asleep.

Izaya watched with interest as the boy went from rigid to out like a light. He couldn’t help but think that he was just so cute. He had learned something very interesting this time though. Many plans began to form in his head as his lips curved up into an evil smirk.

“You will be mine very soon.”

To Be Continued.


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