The Scarf – One Shot

Title: The Scarf
Author: Ongaku
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Series: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Zero/Yuuki
Summary: The cold always brings back bad memories.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Vampire Knight.

Yuuki walked slowly down a small trail between the dorms of the school. It was early morning and it wouldn’t be long before she had to go to class but for some reason she just wanted to go for a walk.

Her shoes made a crunching sound with each step she took on the freshly laid snow.

She hated the cold. It always brought back bad memories.

However, she did enjoy the snow for how pretty it actually was. She almost felt sad at having to step in it and mess it up.

It was so quiet and very peaceful and the sun rising in the east was a beautiful sight.

Suddenly she felt a little sad that she was all alone. This should be something she should watch with someone.

Asking Kaname to watch it with her was a little unreasonable considering he had a lot of responsibilities and the fact that he was a vampire who didn’t really like the sun.

Her thoughts then trailed to Zero. She wondered if he would even enjoy something like this. Somehow, the image of him looking at the sunset with a relaxing smile on his face brought a giggle.

Zero was always so serious. It would be a little weird to see him being almost poetic.

Yuuki shivered and rubbed her hands up and down her arms. “I guess I should head back to my room.”

She really didn’t want to but she also didn’t want to get sick. She would never hear the end of it from Zero.

That when she noticed Zero. He was sitting on the only dry spot outside. She wondered if he was actually enjoying the sunrise but then noticed that his eyes were closed.

Her eye twitched, “So he is getting a few Z’s without me.”

She was just about to go over to him and yell in his ear when she noticed he had a slight smile on his face.

It was a strange thing for her to see so she stopped right in her tracks and just stared at him.

Whatever he was dreaming, it must have been a good one. He looked almost like a normal young man without a horrible past or many hardships.

As she continued to stare at him an idea came to mind. She wondered if it would be good for him to sleep outside in this cold and then wake up to the bright sun. He was a newly changed vampire after all, even though he would never show it.

She slowly crept up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

She was greeted by his dazzling purple eyes in a split second. They were hard and stern until he realized who she was.

“Yuuki?” he looked a little out of it as he tried to take in his surroundings.

“It’s cold out here, you should go back to your room if your that tired.” Just as she said that Yuuki sneezed twice in a row.

“I think you should take your own advice before getting on my case.” He said this with a sarcastic tone that Yuuki knew all to well.

“Well excuse me! I was actually walking around, not sleeping on the job!”

Zero then glared at her. “Yeah, sorry.”

Yuuki went quiet, she didn’t mean to make him mad.

Zero stood up and took the scarf off that he had around his neck.

“Here.” He placed it around hers. “You are shivering, let’s go inside and get a warm bath prepared.”

He started to walk away when Yuuki grabbed his hand to keep him from going anywhere.

Zero turned his attention back to Yuuki and sighed, “What is it?”

Yuuki fidgeted a bit. The bath sounded like a wonderful idea but she wasn’t ready to just go back inside and start a whole new day just yet.

“Could we, sit outside just for a little while longer?”

Yuuki watched as the worry from Zero’s face faded from sight to be replaced by annoyance. “Yuuki. You are going to be sick. We are both going to be sick if we don’t go inside now.”

Yuuki wouldn’t budge. “Please? Just another five minutes?”

Zero sighed and went back to his spot. “Fine, but just five minutes.”

Yuuki smiled with glee and took a seat next to him.

It was only a minute into sitting when Yuuki noticed that Zero was starting to shiver as well. She started to take the scarf off and hand it back to Zero but he refused.

“But Zero, you’re cold.”

He just glared at her. “You need it more than I do.”

Yuuki thought back to one of her studies about the cold. “Actually, I have more body fat, since I’m a girl, and I can survive out in the cold longer than you.”

Zero snorted. “Nice try Yuuki, but you’re also just a human, while I’m a monster. I think it will be better if you stay healthy over someone like me.”

Yuuki’s smile faded. She wondered why Zero always had to change the mood to be sour.

“Well I object! I don’t think you are a monster at all and I think we are both equal in importance!” she stood up and undid the scarf from her neck.

“I know I can’t change your mind but we can compromise.”

She took the scarf and wrapped only a part of it around her neck then she sat down next to Zero again and put the rest of it around his neck.

It was a little awkward and not very comfortable but Yuuki was determined to make it work. She grabbed Zero’s arm and wrapped her arms around it, pulling herself as close to him as possible.

Zero just sat there with a look of shock on his face. “Yuuki?”

“Ssshhhh” she said as she laid her head to rest on his shoulder. “We can stay warmer this way.”

Although she was the one to initiate it, she had to admit, she was a little embarrassed. A faint tint of pink appeared on her cheeks that weren’t just from the cold.

Zero didn’t say anymore after that and they just sat there and enjoyed the small warmth coming from the rising sun.

Yuuki felt really comfortable and began to doze off as did Zero.

They ended up staying outside for a lot longer than five minutes. In fact, it was so much longer that one of the Day class students had found them and woke them up.

They pulled apart quickly and turned away from each other.

The students teased them for looking so lovey-dovey and Yuuki couldn’t help but wish they were never disturbed for more reasons than just embarrassment.

“Stop teasing us! We were just keeping warm on our watch and accidentally fell asleep!” Yuuki yelled out when she got tired of it.

“Sure Yuuki, whatever you say.”

Zero had his last straw as well. “That’s it! Time to get too class everyone.” He glared at all the girls making them cower away and do as they were told.

Zero and Yuuki turned to look at each other once again after everyone was gone.

“Well, I guess I will go and take a quick warm shower before class.”

Zero nodded his head and Yuuki took off as quickly as possible.

The feeling of Zero’s warmth wasn’t going to leave her so quickly but she was hoping the shower would help. Zero always made her feel different. Not the same way as Kaname but she wasn’t sure what it was.

However, she knew that she liked it and never wanted it to go away. In the end, sharing the sunrise with Zero was a wonderful thing and she made sure to try and do it again sometime soon.



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