Precious to Me – One Shot

Title: Precious to Me
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Series: Vampire Knight
Pairings: Zero/Yuuki
Summary: Just another blood lusting night with Zero.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Vampire Knight.

His touches are invigorating. My heart beat pounds in fear and excitement. This has happened a number of times but each time makes me feel just like the first. Sometimes I wonder if it is because it’s Zero that is doing this to me or if I would be feeling this same if it was another vampire. My mind slowly wonders to Kaname but quickly changes its train of thought when I feel his hot breath on my neck.

He is so gentle at fist, almost like he is still trying to tell himself to stop.

I know the truth and he knows the truth. There is no way he is going to stop. Not with me forcing myself on him like this.

Perhaps that makes me a cruel person but if this is the only way I can help him I’m not going to stop it.

He halts and I wait for it but nothing comes.

Wondering if something is wrong I look up only to be surprised by how red his eyes are now. He is in complete lust and my stomach flips.

Curiously I raise my hand up to his mouth. He doesn’t move and allows me to touch him. I trace the outlines of his lips and feel the outline of his fangs.

I gulp without even thinking and then lick my own lips. I wonder how it must feel to have fangs and to have to drink blood. I asked him once but he only got mad at me for it. I decided the best thing is just to let him drink my blood and never ask him anything again.

I didn’t want him to pull away from me even more than he already has.

Feeling out of character I put my cheek next to his and sigh at the warmth.

“Zero, it’s okay. Don’t hold back.”

That is all it took for him to continue on. I always wondered why he usually had to wait for me to say something like that for him to drink my blood.

I jump at the feel of his tongue on my skin. The feeling is actually really nice and I start to get a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

When I feel his lips on my skin I brace myself for the pain. However, the pain has yet to come and I wonder why, until I feel him actually sucking on my skin. Not sure what to do I grab on to Zero’s back and whimper.

I don’t understand what he is doing to me but I don’t want it to stop.


He says nothing to my question, if you could even call it that. My heart beat is starting to go much faster than usual.

Finally he bites into me but I feel no pain this time. It surprised me but what was usually pain felt more like pleasure. I wonder if maybe I was starting to become a masochist.

I hold Zero tightly as he continues to suck my blood. My breathing gets ragged and I can feel the sweat starting to form on my neck and forehead.

He was putting out so much heat but I didn’t want to let go. Something has come over me. I pull back slightly only to get my hands to his front. Fiddling with his buttons I undo his shirt.

He hisses a bit when I place my hands on his bare chest. I know that they are cold, no matter how warm I get my hands always seem to be cold. He doesn’t pull away but he does stop drinking from me. My hands roam up and down his chest and I feel him shudder only this time I know it isn’t because of the cold.

Feeling a little tired, probably from the loss of my blood, I reach my arms around his waist and come down into a hug, resting my head on his chest. My breathing is starting to get back to normal as Zero gently rubs up and down my back.


I know he is starting to feel uncomfortable. Once his blood lust is gone he is back to being a loner. I know he won’t ever push me away after letting him drink my blood but I can feel him stiffen as if wishing I would let go.

I let go and look up in his face. “I’m sorry, I was feeling a little tired.”

He shakes his head and his eyes grow sadder. They are back to being the normal shade of purple and I can’t help but admire them even though they are so sad. “There is no reason for you to apologize. I’m the one doing such a disgusting thing.”

For some reason my heart aches hearing him say that. I should have been use to it. He talks about how worthless he is all the time but I can never get use to it.

I suck in some air to try and keep from crying. I don’t want to show Zero any of my sad emotions. He needs a smile and a happy atmosphere to get by. When I’m pretty sure my emotions are in check I smile at him with all that I can.

Some people might think my smile is fake but it’s not. My smile for Zero is genuine, he is the only one I smile like this for and I wonder if he even knows that. I don’t even smile like this for Kaname.

I grab for Zero’s hand and hold it tightly in mine. “Zero, can you stay with me for a little while?”

He doesn’t respond with words. Instead he positions his body so that I may lie down. I know that he is going to let me fall asleep while holding his hand. We have only done that once and it was by accident. It was not long after he had come to the academy.

I didn’t trust him to not kill himself so I stayed with him all night, holding on to his hand. I accidentally fell asleep but he did nothing to wake me. I knew that Zero was a very kind person since then even though he said so many harsh words.

My eyelids start to feel really heavy. I squeeze his hand one last time and he squeezes back but not enough to hurt me, just to let me know he is there. I’m at peace and I know that tonight will be a night I won’t have any nightmares.

One last thought crosses my mind before I fall asleep, something that he asked me once and that is, what is Zero to me? Well, he is obviously somebody most precious to me.



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