This website is a Fan Fiction archive for two sisters, Ongaku and Kitty Neko. We created this page just in case our computer decides to eat our work or fanfiction.net decides to delete our account. In a way, this is a fancy back up. We have been writing these fanfics since the year 2001 so some of these stories are pretty old. You will be able to tell by the progress in our writing styles as the years go by. We are always happy to get reviews, even if it is just a simple ‘I like it’ so don’t be afraid to make comments. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our stories.

None of the pictures featured on this website belong to us. They are from the original authors or fan artist. I will be putting all the credit here once I get it together. If I’m using art work that belongs to you and you disapprove, please let me know and I will take it down right away. I mean no harm by it and don’t wish to make anyone angry. Thanks.

Contact Us

Ongaku – ongaku.a[at]gmail.com

Kitty Neko – kittyneko[at]gmail.com

-Fanfiction Status-

ON = Ongaku & KN = Kitty Neko

Roommates – Completed, KN
Weak to the Cold – Completed, ON
Visible To You – Completed, KN
Sabishii – Completed, KN
Broken Purity – Complete. ON
Peaches and Cream – Completed. ON
Birthdays – Completed, ON
Pretend – Complete,ON

His Face, Her Dilemma – One Shot Collection. ON
Paralyzed – One Shot Collection. ON
Working – One Shot Collection. ON
Suddenly – One Shot Collection. ON
(One Shots are marked as complete but I may add new chapters here and there.)

-Top Priority

Natsu – Currently writing next chapter. KN
Bad Hair Day – Currently writing next chapter. KN
Gravity – Currently writing next chapter. ON
Day to Day – Currently writing next chapter. KN
Enemy across the Line – Currently writing next chapter. ON
Desolation – Currently writing next chapter. ON
Haunted – Currently writing next chapter. ON
I Hate Men – Currently writing next chapter. ON
Searching – Currently writing next chapter. ON

-Stories to Come-

Another You – A collaboration story idea for Ulquihime ON&KN (currently being beta read)
Protector – A three part fic for Ulquihime fans. ON
Ascendant – A multi-chapter fic for Izaya/Masaomi. ON
Lacrismosa – A dark multi-chapter fic for Ulquhime. ON

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